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[Pinned] Required Addons
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Required Addons

REQUIRED ADDONSDeadly Boss ModsDBM Voice PackRC Loot CouncilWeak Auras 2Angry Assignments
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Lifebind32022Small Lifebind 335d
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Application Information

Below is a series of requirements for potential applicants. Please take the time to read all of the requirements below, required addons, and the about us section. We want to make sure that everyone we bring into our guild is a great fit and knows ...
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[Pinned] Anger: About Us
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Anger: About Us

Who is Anger?Anger is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Stormrage. Anger was formed in March 2010 by a group of players that wanted to have serious progression but on a more casual schedule. We have been together in one form or another for years, ...
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Guild News

Five Down

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Guild News

2/9 Mythic

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Guild News

Nine of Nine

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Lifebind4352Small Rokareot 72d
Guild News

.: 9/10 Mythic!! :.

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PJ1273Small PJ 107d
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Guild News

Mythic Krosus

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Guild News

2/3 Mythic Guarm!

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PJ1438Small PJ 226d
Guild News

Mythic Odyn

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Lifebind1477Small Lifebind 239d
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PJ1455Small PJ 282d
Guild News

5/7 Mythic Il'gynoth

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PJ2643Small Trax 310d
Guild News

Mythic Ursoc

Small PJ 311d
PJ2514Member avatar small Squeik 311d
PJ3750Small Profit 315d