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[Pinned] Required Addons
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Required Addons

REQUIRED ADDONSDeadly Boss ModsDBM Voice PackRC Loot CouncilWeak Auras 2Angry Assignments
Small Lifebind 4y
Lifebind33963Small Lifebind 2y
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Application Information

Below is a series of requirements for potential applicants. Please take the time to read all of the requirements below, required addons, and the about us section. We want to make sure that everyone we bring into our guild is a great fit and knows ...
Small PJ 9y
PJ17452Small PJ 9y
[Pinned] Anger: About Us
Guild Policies and Information

[Pinned] Anger: About Us

Who is Anger?Anger is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Stormrage. Anger was formed in March 2010 by a group of players that wanted to have serious progression but on a more casual schedule. We have been together in one form or another for years, ...
Small PJ 9y
PJ18974Small PJ 9y
Guild News

Queen's Court

Small Sharc 3h
Sharc11Small Sharc 3h
Guild News

Orgozoa --- CHECK

Small Sharc 17d
Sharc172Small Sharc 17d
Guild News

Ashvane OUT

Small Sharc 26d
Sharc172Small Sharc 26d
Guild News

No more Queen!

Small Sharc 43d
Sharc1112Small Sharc 43d
Guild News

She's Dead

Small Sharc 101d
Sharc1224Small Sharc 101d
Sharc1440Small Sharc 163d
Sharc1381Small Sharc 177d
Guild News

6/9 King Down!

Small Sharc 183d
Sharc1344Small Sharc 183d
Guild News

5/9 King Next

Small Sharc 185d
Sharc1320Small Sharc 185d
Guild News

3/9 - Jadefire dead!

Screenshot TBD
Small Sharc 198d
Sharc1365Small Sharc 198d
Guild News

8/8 G'Huun Dead

Small Sharc 270d
Sharc1533Small Sharc 270d
Guild News

7/8 Mythrax Down

Small Sharc 304d
Sharc1523Small Sharc 304d
Guild News

6/8 2 for 1 special

Fetid and Zul dead same week - screenshots soon
Small Sharc 312d
Sharc1520Small Sharc 312d
Guild News


Small Sharc 328d
Sharc1561Small Sharc 328d
Guild News

3/8 Down

After a quick night of prog, zekvoz falls - Vectis is next
Small Sharc 337d
Sharc1564Small Sharc 337d
PJ11334Small PJ 1y
PJ11355Small PJ 1y