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Who is Anger?
Anger is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Stormrage. Anger was formed in March 2010 by a group of players that wanted to have serious progression but on a more casual schedule. We have been together in one form or another for years, and have also gotten some exceptional newcomers. Our leadership has raided in every spectrum of progression including top world guilds. Our membership is very skilled and very dedicated to the game and their respective classes. We have many years of experience in end-game cutting edge content spanning multiple games and raid groups.

Our Players
Raiding with Anger means being dedicated to your class, your role, and your guild. Our raiders strive to be the best they can possibly be at their class and to help this guild succeed wherever possible. In order to secure a raid spot you must be able to handle competitive progression and be able to play your respective class to its maximum ability. We expect all our members to be able to come to raids prepared, with full consumables, full knowledge of the fights we plan to take on, and the ability to play exceptionally well when we are trying to kill the big bad boss. If you come to raid unprepared then you're not fulfilling your responsibility to the guild.

Anger does not condone or encourage any kind of drama. We expect our members to conduct themselves in a respectful and adult fashion both inside and outside of our raids. When you carry our tag, you represent us as a guild, you must maintain a respectful and tolerant demeanor to your fellow guild mates and those not inside the guild. We want to maintain a good relationship with our server and expect our members to do their best to continue to do so.

Loot Distribution
Anger uses a loot council system for distributing item drops. Our intent in end-game raiding is to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible in the time we have each week and loot is distributed upon factors including attendance, performance and the degree of an upgrade each item is for the raid overall, not just the individual. All loot decisions are discussed by the officers, and no one person controls who receives loot.

Loot decisions are final. Drama and complaints over loot will not be tolerated, if you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion because someone else received the purple pixels you wanted this week, this might not be the guild for you.

Instance Locks
All recruits and raiders must keep their lockouts clear for all current and relevant content during the raid week (while the content is relevant, talk to an officer for further details). The raid week goes from Tuesday to Thursday. Raiders are free to save themselves to any content they wish after the raid week is over.

Guild Bank
You will be provided with repairs for raid. You must farm your own consumables and use them for progression encounters. Patterns and BoE items will be sold to cover the cost of our consumables and repairs. BoE items that are upgrades to main raiders will be given out through loot council. Raiders may purchase items and patterns that the guild is selling at half price if you want something for an alt.

We want our active raid members to be able to maintain 100% attendance with us. We depend on each of our raiders and it's expected (barring unforeseen events and emergencies) that when you will not be present, you post on our forums or inform an officer ahead of time as time allows. We understand that real life from time to time can cause players to take an extended break from the game. We like to be kept informed about those kinds of situations.

Our Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
8:45pm-12:30am EDT (server time on Stormrage)

It will be exceedingly rare that we ever push the raid beyond the finishing time and when we we do it is never more than 30 minutes. We never add any mandatory extra nights during progression, but we typically run many optional raids during the first weeks of a tier.
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