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Below is a series of requirements for potential applicants. Please take the time to read all of the requirements below, required addons, and the about us section. We want to make sure that everyone we bring into our guild is a great fit and knows what our expectations are going in so please don't skim or skip.

Our application is your first chance to impress us. Take your time and answer all our questions adequately. Be sure to proof read your application before you send it to us!


1.) You must be an active player and able to maintain 100% raid attendance during progression. We raid to clear content, and sacrifice other leisure activities to do so.

2.) Your goals should include being among the best at your chosen class and role.

3.) You will need to be tolerant of the fact that raiding is highly dependent on class balance and as such involves potential bench time. This encompasses new recruits as well as long standing raiders.

4.) You must be able to pay for your account and your internet connection without issue.

5.) Your computer and internet connection must be very stable.

6.) You must have and be able to speak on Discord. We're not asking for you to be a chatterbox, but it is incredibly important that you can speak up during a fight when it's needed.

7.) Anger is an adult guild. If you are offended easily, this is not the right guild for you.

8.) You will be provided with repairs, flasks, and food for raid. You must farm your own potions and use them for progression encounters.

9.) We want people who are social and interested in participating in our guild's culture as a whole.

10.) You should be a friendly player with a positive attitude. We require all applicants, raiders, and officers be able to cooperate as a team and treat each other with mutual respect.

If you feel you meet all the requirements, without exception, we welcome you to fill out an application.

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