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Still Recruiting!!! You know you want to raid with us!!!! We run over old people!!!

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1/6 Heroic MSV

Heroic Stone Guard down with probably the most annoying combination ever. Pushing Feng now.
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.: We're Back :.

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Anger the Infernal!

In the past few weeks our 16 man team has become quite the force to be reckoned with. After gaining a group of exceptional recruits we quickly cleared all Nightmare mode content and began working on the title achievements. Sadly for the first co...
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Ten out of Ten

[Insert Clever Write-up]
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Anger the Unyielding

We went into a fresh raid week with our first goal being to down Bonethrasher on Nightmare and mark ourselves at 9/10. While waiting on everyone to zone in so we could start trash, there was some talk about how we would approach getting the title...
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Updated Progression

Congrats to everyone on getting hard mode Soa down! We also got the first four bosses in Eternity Vault downed on Nightmare a couple weeks ago. More to come soon! We are still recruiting Healers and DPS as we prepare for new content in March. ...
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Operation: Working as Intended

After fighting our way through snow, lava, and the Wheel of Fortune, <Anger> stood face to face with the leading supporter of SOPA. The Infernal one, Soa, used all his power to try and stop our online piracy of his property. While Soa was b...
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Karagga's Palace of Stupid Hats

Just when we thought the content couldn't get easier, it did. Hard mode Karagga's Palace took little effort and almost everything was a one shot. The trash was almost more challenging then the actual boss fights. The dumb Hutt should have spent...
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